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We’re committed to keeping your crane operating in its peek condition. AURORA CRANE can provide you parts, crane overhaul & repair (upgrades), as well as technical service for fishing vessels cranes, offshore cranes, yacht cranes, dock cranes, & mining cranes anywhere around the world.

AURORA CRANE offers hydraulic repairs of crane pumps, motors, brakes, rotary manifolds (hydraulic distributors), control valves, cylinders, planetary winches, anchor winches, anchor windlass (wildcat) and planetary gearboxes.

We want nothing more than to keep you and your crane safe and operating when you need it. So call on AURORA CRANE to keep your crane in top condition.


AURORA CRANE has got you covered, 24/7 - worldwide! Service when you need it most.

Is your crane not working properly? Call on AURORA CRANE, 24/7 for a complete, thorough inspection of your crane. Or let us know which crane parts you need. Whether it's seals, hydraulic components, electrical parts, Load Monitoring Indicators, or an entire new boom, AURORA CRANE has you covered. Not in the US? No worries, our international logistics dept. specializes in quick lead times for any spare parts or inspections you may need.

For the fastest turn around time, you can rely on AURORA CRANE for overhaul, repair and upgrades for your crane. Parts on the shelf and ready to ship to you. Or we'll custom design and make them for you. technical service, inspection, and troubleshooting service when you need it; 24/7  - worldwide.